(or, “You're fired”)

The basic premise is contained in the title: creative ways of describing how someone lost their job: for example, "Did you hear about the cowboy who was fired? He was deranged." You can either tell it like this, or ask the other person to guess.

And of course you can spin it out with “Did you hear about the cowboy who was deranged?” This might lead to another player saying, “I understand that before he was a cowboy he used to grow root vegetables, but then he was deracinated.”

Debased (player of large fiddle-like musical instrument or bass)
Debated (fisherman – de-baited)
Defeated (shoe-maker)
Defined (traffic warden)
Deloped (duellist – look it up)
Demoted (mediaeval baron – de-moated)
Depilated (pharmacist – pill)
Depleted (dress maker – de-pleated)
Deported (harbour pilot)Deposed (model; she might also be exposed)

Deracinated (grower of root vegetables)
Deranged (cowboy)

Disbarred (Shakespeare scholar: bard. Or Welsh poet)
Discounted (census taker)
Disgraced (bishop, your grace)
Disgruntled (pig farmer)
Disinterred (septic tank maintenance man – dis-in-turd)
Distorted (lawyer specializing in civil suits)
Distracted (Jehovah's Witness, or anyone else handing out religious pamphlets)
Distressed (hairdresser)
Unhurried (efficiency expert)

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