She is clearly puzzled at why anyone would want to take a picture of her. On the other hand, who could fail to be captivated by the sight of someone eating a sausage inna baguette that is about as long (and probably much the same diameter) as her arm? Imagine trying to eat something similar, scaled up to your own size. Would you even dare start? Imagine a fouĂ©e the size of a dinner plate. 

Well, either you find it funny, or you don't. I do. It isn't a great picture, it's true, but I'm profoundly grateful that I live in a country where this sort of street photography is still regarded as normal. Of course I smiled at her parents, and made some remark to the effect that it was nearly as big as she was, and they smiled back, and everyone was happy; even if, in the case of the little girl, a bit surprised.

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