Venice Coming in by water

Either you understand the sheer pleasure of seeing new places, trying new food (or revisiting familiar food) and meeting new people, or you don't. We do. As far as we're concerned, the only thing that slows us down is money: if we had enough, we'd probably travel for three quarters of the year.

Castle, Spain For us, the greatest pleasure of travel is often exploring places that are off the beaten track. We'd take the Land Rover back to rural Spain tomorrow if we could; but we'd probably not bother to go to Venice ever again, unless someone else was paying. Snobbery? Sort of. But there's a great pleasure in having somewhere to yourself, with room to exercise your imagination.

We've been writing about travel for over 30 years. Some of the stuff here is nostalgia for the past; some is up to the minute; and some of it, to be honest, is probably a bit out of date but will still contain enough useful or entertaining information to make it worth reading. Whether you're looking for hints and tips, or just fancy a bit of armchair travel, there should be something for you here or on or

Girona: Memories and Sepia (April 17th 2016)

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