There's often a strange puritanism about toys, as though they should only ever consist of forts made out of cardboard boxes or dolls made out of clothes pegs. It's true, of course, that children often play with some toys only briefly and perfunctorily, even after they have been pleading for them for ages.

Although children can make toys out of almost anything, some ready-made toys have more appeal than others. We can all remember our favourite toys from our childhood, though by definition we are likely to have forgotten the forgettable ones.

The toys here were mostly found (surprise!) at vide-greniers, though there are a few that both Frances and I have had for many years: some of them even from our earliest childhood. They are here for a variety of reasons: for fun, because they make us laugh, nostalgia,because they are great design, and because they make us think about what toys (and indeed childhood) are for.

Space Outlaw

Unlucky dolls

A Toy Leica (April 27th 2016)

One-a-Side football (May 11th 2016)

Capitalist Pig (honestly, even with a picture: June 3rd 2016)

Spudmatic Spud Gun (June 21st 2016)

Happy Pig (June 11th 2016)

Dolls and Personalities (July 31st 2018)

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