Every now and then, you see a toy you wish you had had when you were a child. This is one of them. My brother is just under three years younger than I, and I am reasonably confident that a game of one-a-side table football could have been responsible for many hours of innocent amusement when I was (say) 9 to 12 and he was 6 to 9.

Unfortunately I am about equally confident that it could also have prompted floods of tears and quite a few fights, but that's a risk you take when you have two small boys and buy a toy they can "share".

This is of course at a vide-grenier, and I have to say that I'm a bit puzzled by the way it seems to have been designed to play left handed; although I suppose it could equally well be played by reaching over to your opponent's side and using your right hand. It just seems counter-intuitive that I'd be playing on my brother's side as it were) and he'd be playing on my side. 

Then again, maybe you can pull the poles out and put them in the other way, though you'd also need to turn the players around. Or maybe it's so it leaves your stronger hand free to hit your brother with.

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