Bent-wire screwdrivers are nothing unusual. You need thick, high-quality wire, obviously, but it's a good way to make a cheap tool. They're often uncomfortable to use, for that matter, but again, they're cheap.

Then you get something like this. It's just a beautiful piece of design. Wrapping the end of the handle around the blade avoids the usual problem of the handle bending, twisting and coming apart from the blade, and the loop in the handle makes it vastly more comfortable to use and easier to control: depending exactly on how you hold it, the tip of one finger or another falls naturally on the loop. It's marked Tony Doussieux 3 just above the handle but I can't find out anything about the company. 

Unless you are the sort of person who always knows exactly where everything is at all times, and doesn't mind going to the other end of the house (or to the garage) to fetch it, there is much to be said for having numerous screwdrivers. Otherwise, there's never one handy when you want it. Admittedly I may have too many screwdrivers precisely because I try to avoid this unhappy eventuality, the more so since my father died and I inherited all his tools. On the other hand, there's generally room for one more, especially if (like this one) it's beautiful and ridiculously cheap: fifty centimes (under 40p, under 60 cents US) at the Martaiz√©  vide-grenier at the end of May 2016

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