My first ever published, paid for work was a short story in 1973. I've written them on and off ever since. With any luck I'll write enough new ones up on this site that people will clamour for a printed anthology. Meanwhile, the first is a birthday present from me to anyone who wants to read it: it was written for June 15th, my birthday. Please do not assume that the central character in everything I write is me. For a start, I'm not as old as the character in the first story; nor am I an academic, let alone an exalted one. There's a lot of me in Time Traveller, though. I decided to put up the first part of the story even though it is not complete. It'd be a shame if it just died with me. 

Because I admire his work so much, I have also included a (very) short story by Jeff Johnson,

The End of the Dream (June 2016)

Hotpoint (Short story by Jeff Johnson)

The New Gold Standard (October 24th 2016)

Time Traveller, Part I (Not so much a short story as the first installment of a novella, October 24th 2016)

Time Travel 2: Ham for Lunch (Short story/novella installment, November 20th, 2016)

David (February 12th 2017)

Were all in it together (February 12th 2017)

Dick and Maybe (July 26th 2017. Possibly not suitable for prudes with no sense of humour)

The Drinker's Prayer (July 28th 2017)

Homo Sapiens (August 11th 2017)

Border Control (August 19th 2017)

May-O! (Song lyrics about Brexit, November 13th 2017)

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