Recycling is a modern fact of life: it's something every sane person does if they can. One of the categories is metal, and this is our metal bag. I was about to take it to the dump (which is still what we call the recycling point) over in St. Clair, but then I thought: no, I'll take a picture first, because it sums up so much of how Frances and I live. 

The wire cages are of course from fizzy wine. It's mostly Spanish Cava, because we can't afford good Champagne: good Cava is better than cheap Champagne; and Prosecco is overpriced, even in France, because it's fashionable. The film canisters are self-explanatory, and the trout eggs are partly because we can't afford proper sturgeon caviar and partly because we use it in a dish we call EFG or Eggy Foie Gras.

It's a commonplace that you can tell a lot about people from what they throw away, but it's rare that you get quite such an obvious and telling insight into your own life.

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Picture and words copyright (c) Roger Hicks 2016