We are bombarded every day, and quite rightly. with dire warnings about the persistence of plastic packaging. If there is not a greater tonnage of plastic in the sea than there is of fish, then there soon will be. On the other hand, if plastic packaging is supposed to last forever, why doesn't it? 

Neutrogena is a really brilliant hand cream. Especially in cold weather, and more so still if I've been riding the motorcycle in cold weather, I get painful, cracked cuticles on a couple of my nails. Nothing else works as well as this stuff. As the packaging suggests, it's super-concentrated and I really need to use very little. 

Unfortunately the packaging is rubbish. Because I use very little, I have yet to finish a tube before it cracks and leaks. This is a particularly fine example, it's true, because I left it in the Land Rover for a couple of years, but often, a few months on the bedside table suffices. The result is that I have to throw away quite a lot of this excellent product AND that I have to throw away the greasy, contaminated packaging which is probably impossible to recycle. I suspect, too, that the crunchy, crumbled tube is likely to remain in the environment for an inordinately long time before it breaks down; and indeed that it may contribute to the near-dust-sized microplastics polluting our globe. 

Sure, a small glass jar with a metal screw-on lid would almost certainly cost more than these miserable, self-destructing plastic tubes. So? Tax the bloody tubes. Would you resent it? I wouldn't. 

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