PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) is a famous Oxford degree, much favoured by would-be journalists and media personalities in the UK. Fear not: my degree is in law, and not even from Oxford, so all this is completely unauthorized.

And the Marmite? Well, one of my editors called me a “Marmite writer”, after an English savoury spread with a distinctive flavour. Reputedly, people either love it or hate it, with no middle ground. The same, according to my editor, is true of what I write. As with Marmite, there is a middle ground, but even so, disproportionate numbers either love it or hate it. I'd like to extend a warm welcome to the former, and bid a more or less hasty goodbye to the latter.

There is no real American equivalent to either Marmite or PPE, so if you live in the United States and are desperate for personal experience of the former, go to an importer and buy some. Apparently Vegemite from Australia can be a substitute, though I've not tried it. According to my wife, who is American, Political Science is a poor substitute for PPE.

As well as proper PPE (with a Marmite flavour) there's a fair amount of history here. As ever, you should simply dive in and read a piece or two. Even if you don't like them, you may still care to come back after a month or two and try something else.

Histories and Roots

The Dismal Science

Wealth and History

My schools 1: prep and primary

Machines taking over (April 16th 2016)

Small Livings (April 26th 2016)

The Thousand Years' War (April 28th 2016)

Mayday 2016: Dealers and the price-demand curve (May 2nd 2016)

You can always clean shoes (May 15th 2016)

Get married! (May 16th 2016)

Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren (May 23rd 2016)

Capitalist Pig (honestly, even with a picture: June 3rd 2016)

Simplicissimus magazine, July 12th 1909 (August 25th 2016)

Men at Work (September 28th 2016)

The Wicked Rentier Class (September 28th 2016)

Whatever (A picture of a young woman 230 years ago, September 29th 2016)

Sanctimonious Velocipedists; or, The Moral Hazards of Bicycle Commuting (October 4th 2016)

Bimbos and Gentlemen's Sacks (Entirely suitable for work despite the title:October 14th 2016)

The New Gold Standard (Short story, but with an economics bias, October 24th 2016)

The Story of my Life (November 22nd 2016)

Knife Culture (November 22nd 2016)

12 mph (Speed limit proposal, December 15th 2016)

Exercise without tears (or gyms, but with photography, February 12th 2017)

Efficiency and ergonomics (February 17th 2017)

Local Produce (May 14th 2017)

Tory Heaven (May 29th 2017)

Cities and Villages Part I (August 1st 2017)

Cities and Villages Part II (August 1st 2017)

Border Control (Short story, August 19th 2017)

Suicide (An argument for assisted suicide, August 28th 2017)

Strippers (of assets, blessings, reality and more, but not clothes: August 28th 2017)

Dreams (September 3rd 2017)

Can a photograph speak for itself? (September 4th 2017)

Universal Basic Income, village regeneration, and the arts (September 7th 2017)

The Sweat of thy Face (Past lives 1, October 6th 2017)

[Theresa] May-O! (Song lyrics about Brexit, November 13th 2017)

Packaging and hand cream (August 21st 2018)

(Not as) Tough as Old Boots (September 18th 2018)

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