It was 2014 and I'd just bought the Nikon DF; I was in London to pick it up and to go to the London Book Fair. Inevitably I also wandered around some of my old haunts, but there are ever fewer second hand camera stores anywhere. Besides, I've got too many cameras already. So by the time I took this I was looking for pictures, rather than things to buy. 

This was just off the Charing Cross Road. It was such an extraordinary mixture of reality (for a given value of reality) and reflections that I could not resist taking a picture. It was totally on the spur of the moment and it's not really much like anything else I've ever photographed. In fact I'm not sure it's much like anything anyone has ever photographed. I can't really see it as part of a series, or as a competition entry, or anything, really, other than itself. I've a few other shots of reflections but none of them is as gloriously complicated and confusing as this. 

You have to look twice to realize that the "leg" is in fact an arm: the shoes set us up to think otherwise. But one of the great attractions of photography is that it encourages us to look at things, rather than ignoring them. 

Focus is a bit vague because I was still getting used to autofocus: the vast majority of my cameras are manual focus. In fact, this is why I've gone back to using my Leica M9 more than the Nikon. But the iffy focus helps too.

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