Girona A classic example of "f/8 and be there". I used my Leica M9 with 50/1.5 Sonnar

Photography has been a large part of how we have earned a living for the last 40+ years. Unfortunately for us, that living is now declining fast because the same is true of photography as of journalism: everyone wants everything for free on the internet. But we still know quite a lot about it, and there are quite a lot of people who want to learn about it, so it seems a shame to let all that knowledge die with us. Well, of course, it won't die, but it won't be anything as like as widely disseminated, and if ever fewer people share ever less knowledge, it will surprisingly rapidly be reduced to an excessively low common denominator.

Blur Photography cannot be defined. I'd just walked out of the shop where I bought the Nikon Df and was having trouble with an overly sensitive shutter release. But I liked the results! Nikkor 50/1.8

There are several kinds of pages on photography, some of which tell you about the pictures on non-photographic pages. This saves writing long, technical captions in non-photographic pieces, but leaves open the option of reading about the photography anyway if you are interested. The first two examples are about the pictures on the home page, and the picture of the roots and wall in the PPE+M section.

See also, our original web-site, which has an immense amount on it about photography, especially film-based. And don't forget, where you'll get access to longer and often more technical articles on photography. 


Photographs from the Home Page

Roots and Wall, Bermuda

Photographs from Recycled Religion

Monocular Logic (March 26th 2016)

The Secret Life of Chairs: The Inside Story (March 31st 2016)

Contaflex Super BC (April 8th 2016)

Wallace Heaton Blue Book (April 8th 2016)

Fine Art Photography (April15th 2016)

Sepia and Memories (April 16th 2016)

A Toy Leica (April 27th 2016)

Vernissage (Exhibition) April 30th 2016 (May 2nd 2016)

See it and shoot it (May 11th 2016)

Film I: The Ultimate Alternative Process (May 13th 2016)

Hardware Store (8x10 inch contact print. May 19th 2016)

If you don't try... (May 19th 2016)

Standard lenses and focal length equivalents (May 31st 2016)

Change and Decay (June 9th 2016)

Film 2: Choosing 35mm cameras (June 11th 2016)

Weston Film Speeds 1956 (June 22nd 2016)

The Quality Plateau (July 24th 2016)

Arles 2016: Review Part I (July 27th 2016)

Depth of Field (July 30th 2016)

Using your web site to promote your photography (August 2nd 2016)

Simplicissimus magazine (Photo ads August 25th 2016)

Glasses without Faces (August 31st 2016)

Glasses without Faces: background and notes (August 31st 2016)

War in the Time of Flowers (photo gallery, September 5th 2016)

War in the Time of Flowers (background text, September 6th 2016)

Accurate colour (and why it doesn't exist. September 21st 2016)

Black Beauty 1: Olympus Pen W (September 21st 2016)

Black beauty 2: Nikon F (September 22nd 2016)

Black Beauty 3: Leica M4-P (September 22nd 2016)

Black Beauty 4: Pentax SV (September 30th 2016)

Zeiss Ikonta 523/16 (October 3rd 2016)

Why you should cut corners (Negative sleeving: October 14th 2016)

Trying to get too much in (October 27th 2016)

Two Small Still Lifes (October 29th 2016)

A Visit from the Onion Fairy (November 20th 2016)

Sausage Inna Bun (Vide Greniers, November 22nd 2016)

Flipper (Horizontally reversed image, December 18th 2016)

Exercise without tears (or gyms, but with photography, February 12th 2017)

Misty Day (February 17th 2017)

Sunny Day (February 17th 2017)

Third Day (February 27th 2017)

Rangefinder camera prices 1963-4 (March 4th 2017)

Five Leicas (April 19th 2017)

SOOZI the 90mm Summicron (April 20th 2017)

Praktically scrap (May 6th 2017)

Ilford Art 300 paper (June 8th 2017)

Nikon D1x (June 8th 2017)

Portfolios and Reviews (June 22nd 2017)

I wish I'd had a camera (June 29th 2017)

Illustrating "Cities and Villages" (Photography, August 4th 2017)

A Junk "Baby" Linhof (August 11th 2017)

Multi-format slide copying with an Illumitran (August 19th 2017)

Film: The Ultimate Alternative Process (August 26th 2017)

A Question of Scale (August 29th 2017)

Titles (September 3rd 2017)

Can a photograph speak for itself? (September 4th 2017)

Ilford Fine Grain Positive Film (1966 specification sheet, October 28th 2017)

When I grow up (Picture for the Day, November 4th 2017)

Headless Teddies (Picture for the Day, November 5th 2017)

Guilt (Picture for the Day, November 6th 2017)

Snail cups (Picture for the Day, November 7th 2017)

Welsh sky (Picture for the Day, November 8th 2017)

Is it true? Is it sharp? (Picture for the Day, November 9th 2017)

The Red Peril (June 25th 2018)

Nobody There (June 28th 2018)

A Lot of Bottle(300/3.5 Tessar, July 16th 2018)

Everything is in the story: the Canon 50/1.2 in Leica mount on Bastille Day (posted July 17th 2018)

Dolls and Personalities (July 31st 2018)

Tessina (December 15th 2018)

Tessina instruction book (December 15th 2018)

AYOOC waist-level finder for Leica (December 17th 2018)

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