If anyone makes better negative sleeves than Print File, I have yet to find them. You can even scan through the sleeves to make electronic "contact sheets".  Their only drawback is that because they are made of quite soft plastic, the corners of the film can sometimes dig in as you slide the film into the sleeve. 

The solution is of course simple. Trim a tiny chip of film off the corners of the leading end of each strip of film. I find that if I do this, I don't have to let go of the scissors when I slide the film in, whereas if I don't cut the corners, I have to put the scissors down; push the film in; then pick the scissors up again. With the corners cut, I can slide the scissors down towards my hand and use my thumb and forefinger to push the film in without trouble. I use Fiskars scissors, which are of excellent quality, but their web-site is so hopelessly confusing I can't tell you which ones they are. 

A side benefit of cutting corners is that you can see at a glance which way to slide the negs in: no more upside-down negative misery! The only caution is that it's a good idea to cut the corners as far from the sleeves as conveniently possible: you don't want small, hard, sharp-cornered film chips on the film as you slide it in.

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