I should really have guessed what they were. Well, I did. Or at least, I had my suspicions. The snail tongs were a bit of a giveaway. They're cups for cooking snails in. Presumably -- I didn't inquire too closely -- you stuff the snails back into the shells once they're cooked. This is at another vide grenier, which is probably where I do most of my photography when we're not travelling. 

Have you ever eaten snails? They're not too bad if you cook them with plenty of garlic and butter, so that all you can taste is the garlic and butter. Oh, and salt. I've had them in paella in Spain, and in their own right in France, but really, the only reason I can imagine for eating them is that there's nothing better available. In other words, almost anything. I certainly find it hard to imagine going to the sheer hassle that is implicit in snail cups.

Once again, this strikes at the heart of why we take pictures. Sometimes, it's just because we can't believe what we've seen. Will you forget this in a hurry?

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