Church of St. Nicholas, Moncontour

La France Profonde – “deep” France – is what the French themselves call the kind of rural France where Frances and I have lived since 2002: the land of half-empty villages and old-fashioned farmers and tumbledown ruins. The phrase is used in a derisive way by some, especially Parisians: the way that not-very-bright Londoners refer to the South-West of Britain as “ooo-arr land”. Those who live here tend to take it more as a badge of pride.

La France Profonde
has numerous advantages, and a few drawbacks. Of course there are things we miss about the UK but we both agree that it is very hard to imagine going back, even if we had lots and lots of money: we would miss much more from our present lifestyle if we moved back to England or even to Cornwall.

Garden shed, Moncontour

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