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Recycled Religion: photography (26th March 2016)

Monocle (26th March 2016)

Short Schrift archive on (26th March 2016)

Galleries (29th March 2016)

The Secret Life of Chairs I (30th March 2016)

The Secret Life of Chairs II (31st March 2016)

The Secret Life of Chairs: The Inside Story (31st March 2016)

Vide-Grenier: Marnes April 2016 (4th April 2016)

Sex and vide-greniers (4th April 2016)

Wallace Heaton Blue Book (8th April 2016)

Contaflex BC Super (8th April 2016)

1066 And all that (10th April 2016)

Fouées (Hearth Cakes, 13th April 2016)

Fine Art Photography (15th April 2016)

The Hunt for the Patent Oyster (15th April 2016)

Machines taking over (April 16th 2016)

Sepia and Memories (April 16th 2016)

A Princess in a Warm Coat (April 24th 2016)

Tous Commerces: villages and shops (April 26th 2016)

Scabby Cherub (April 26th 2016)

Small Livings (France Profonde, April 26th 2016)

A Toy Leica (April 27th 2016) 

The Thousand Years' War (April 28th 2016)

Mayday 2016: Dealers and the price-demand curve (Vide-Greniers, May 2nd 2016)

Vernissage (Exhibition) 30th April 2016 (Photography) May 2nd 2016)

Sapeurs-Pompiers (France Profonde, May 9th 2016)

See it and shoot it (May 11th 2016)

One-a-Side Football (Toys, May 11th 2016)

Film I: The Ultimate Alternative Process (May 13th 2016 - long article)

You can always clean shoes (PPE+M, May 15th 2016)

Get married! (May 16th 2016)

Hardware store (May 19th 2016)

If you don't try... (May 19th 2016)

Can't find a toilet? (Vide-Greniers, May 23rd 2016)

The Coffin Repairer (France Profonde, May 23rd 2015)

Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren (PPE+M, May 23rd 2016)

Standard lenses and focal length equivalents (May 31st 2016)

A Bent-wire Screwdriver (Tools, May 31st 2016)

Garlic presses (Kitchen, June 2nd 2016)

Useful boxes for putting things in (June 2nd 2016)

Capitalist Pig (honestly, even with a picture: June 3rd 2016)

Change and Decay (France Profonde + photography, June 9th 2016)

Film 2: Choosing 35mm cameras (Photography, June 11th 2016)

The Counting Game ( word game, June 1th 2016)

Happy Pig  (Toys, June 11th 2016)

The End of the Dream (Short Story, for June 15th 2016)

Garlic crisps (Cookery and the kitchen, June 19th 2016)

Girl on a Tractor (La France Profonde, June 19th 2016)

It's a wind-up (Vide-Greniers, 78 rpm records, June 20th 2016)

Spudmatic Spud Gun (June 21st 2016)

Weston Film Speeds 1956 (June 22nd 2016)

Vehicles as Ruins (Gallery, June 30th 2016)

Braided pork tenderloin (Recipes, July 19th 2016)

Hotpoint (Short story by Jeff Johnson,, July 21st 2016)

The Quality Plateau (Photography, July 24th 2016)

Arles 2016: Review Part I (Photography, July 27th 2016)

Depth of Field (Photography, July 30th 2016)

Using your web site to promote your photography (August 2nd 2016)

Simplicissimus magazine, July 12th 1909 (August 25th 2016)

What are Vide-Greniers For? (August 30th 2016)

Glasses without Faces (August 31st 2016)

Glasses without Faces: background and notes (August 31st 2016)

Holy Water (Chili-infused vodka, September 1st 2016)

War in the Time of Flowers (photo gallery, September 5th 2016)

War in the Time of Flowers (background text, September 6th 2016)

Bread and Tomatoes (cookery/recipe September 7th 2016)

Bat (Tools, but what's it for? September 12th 2016)

The Patent Oyster: La Lucha Continua (more oyster openers, September 18th 2016)

Accurate colour (and why it doesn't exist. Photography, September 21st 2016)

Black Beauty 1: Olympus Pen W (September 21st 2016)

Black beauty 2: Nikon F (September 22nd 2016)

Black Beauty 3: Leica M4-P (September 22nd 2016)

The Zombie Diet (dietary advice, September 25th 2016)

Men at Work (Philosophy, Politics and economics, September 28th 2016)

The Wicked Rentier Class (Philosophy, Politics and economics, September 28th 2016)

The Patent Oyster Strikes Again (Cookery and the Kitchen, September 29th 2016)

Whatever (A picture of a young woman 230 years ago, September 29th 2016)

Black Beauty 4: Pentax SV (September 30th 2016)

Zeiss Ikonta 523/16 (October 3rd 2016)

Sanctimonious Velocipedists; or, The Moral Hazards of Bicycle Commuting (October 4th 2016)

Bimbos and Gentlemen's Sacks (Entirely suitable for work despite the title: October 14th 2016)

Why you should cut corners (Negative sleeving: October 14th 2016)

Wheaties (The Ultimate Hot Water Bottle, October 20th 2016)

The Marvellous Muddling Spoon (Cookery & the Kitchen, October 20th 2016)

Muscle Meat (Healthy MREs, Meals Ready to Eat, October 20th 2016)

The Patent Pineapple (and a tool for cutting it, October 21st 2016)

The New Gold Standard (Short story, but with a PPE+M basis, October 24th 2016)

Time Traveller, Part I (Not so much a short story as the first installment of a novella, October 24th 2016)

Trying to get too much in (Photography, October 27th 2016)

Levi 501s (Vide-Greniers, October 28th 2016)

Two Small Still Lifes (Photography, October 29th 2016)

Time Travel 2: Ham for Lunch (Short story/novella installment, November 20th, 2016)

A Visit from the Onion Fairy (November 20th 2016)

The Story of my Life (PPE+M, November 22nd 2016)

Don't mix your drinks (La France Profonde, November 22nd 2016)

Knife Culture (Vide Greniers.La France Profonde, November 22nd 2016)

Sausage Inna Bun (Vide Greniers, November 22nd 2016)

12 mph (Speed limit proposal, December 15th 2016)

Flipper (Photography: horizontally reversed image, December 18th 2016)

Exercise without tears (or gyms, but with photography, February 12th 2017)

David (Short story, February 12th 2017)

Garlic Triffid (Sprouting garlic, February 12th 2017)

Were all in it together (Short story, February 12th 2017)

Misty Day (Photography/La France Profonde, February 17th 2017)

Efficiency and ergonomics (PPE+M, February 17th 2017)

Sunny Day (Photography/La France Profonde, February 17th 2017)

Third Day (Photography/La France Profonde, February 27th 2017)

Rangefinder camera prices 1963-4 (March 4th 2017)

Five Leicas (April 19th 2017)

SOOZI the 90mm Summicron (April 20th 2017)

Praktically scrap (May 6th 2017)

Local Produce (May 14th 2017)

Rip Oeuf (non-functioning egg timer, May 25th 2017)

Tory Heaven (May 29th 2017)

Ilford Multigrade Art 300 photographic paper (June 8th 2017)

Nikon D1x (June 8th 2017)

Portfolios and Reviews (Photography, June 22nd 2017)

I wish I'd had a camera (June 29th 2017)

A Poor Man's Champagne Cocktail (July 23rd 2017)

Dick and Maybe (Short story, July 26th 2017. Possibly not suitable for prudes with no sense of humour)

The Drinker's Prayer (Short story, July 28th 2017)

Cities and Villages Part I (PPE+M/France Profonde, August 1st 2017)

Cities and Villages Part II (PPE+M/France Profonde, August 1st 2017)

Illustrating "Cities and Villages" (Photography, August 4th 2017)
Homo Sapiens (Short story, August 11th 2017)

A Wrecked "Baby" Linhof (Photography, August 11th 2017)

Border Control (Short story, August 19th 2017)

Multi-format slide copying (August 19th 2017)

Suicide (An argument for assisted suicide, PPE+M, August 26th 2017)

Film: The Ultimate Alternative Process (August 26th 2017)

Strippers (of assets, blessings, reality and more, but not clothes: PPE+M, August 28th 2017)

A Question of Scale (Photography, August 29th 2017)

Titles (of photographs, September 3rd 2017)

Dreams (PPE+M, September 3rd 2017)

Can a photograph speak for itself? (September 4th 2017)

Universal Basic Income, village regeneration, and the arts (September 7th 2017)

The Sweat of thy Face (Past lives 1, PPE+M and La France Profonde, October 6th 2017)

Ilford Fine Grain Positive Film (1966 specification sheet, October 28th 2017)

When I grow up (Picture for the Day, November 4th 2027)

Headless Teddies (Picture for the Day, November 5th 2027)

Guilt (Picture for the Day, November 6th 2017)

Snail cups (Picture for the Day, November 7th 2017)

Welsh sky (Picture for the Day, November 8th 2017)

Is it true? Is it sharp? (Picture for the Day, November 9th 2017)

[Theresa] May-O! (Song lyrics about Brexit, November 13th 2017)

Weird Beer 1 (June 10th 2018)

With her knickers nailed on (June 20th 2018)

Air Force Wine (June 20th 2018)

The Red Peril (Photography, June 25th 2018)

Nobody There (Photography, June 28th 2018)

Exercise Mats for breakfast (Alfalfa sprout omelette, July 15th 2018)

Communards, Cardinals and a Canon (Kir cocktail, July 17th 2018) 

Everything is in the story: the Canon 50/1.2 in Leica mount on Bastille Day (posted July 17th 2018)

A Lot of Bottle (Photography: 300/3.5 Tessar, July 16th 2018)

Dolls and Personalities (July 31st 2018)

Chingaritas (Peppers stuffed with cream cheese, August 17th 2018)

Lordship of Arse (Red wine, August 18th 2018)

Largeasse (There really is a village called this: August 8th 2018)

Packaging and hand cream (August 21st 2018)

(Not as) Tough as Old Boots (September 18th 2018)

Tessina (December 15th 2018)

Tessina instruction book (December 15th 2018)