Setting up our first Arles exhibition, 2013, in La Caverne d'Ali Baba. . Click on the link and it cycles through several pictures of the shop interior. Exhibitions in cellars are commonplace in Arles

The galleries on this site are (or will be) concerned mostly with "fine art", though there are (or will be) a few galleries of places and subjects. There is also an inevitable overlap with photography and other things, such as Religion Recyclée/Recycled Religion. Several of these galleries have formed the basis of exhibitions.

Further down the road with the first exhibition

The galleries are simple to the point of simplistic. This is for two reasons. One is that it's very hard to design a fancy gallery. The other is that if I think about it, I don't like fancy on-line galleries where I have to click on some miserable little thumbnail, or try to stop a slide show to see a picture I particularly like in a series. If a picture is worth looking at, it's worth looking at in screen-filling size, even if only for a second or less. If it isn't: well, you can tell faster whether or not it's worth seeing when it's big enough to see, and you can flick past it (or go back to something else, or leave the topic or even the site) fast enough.

The Secret Life of Chairs I

The Secret Life of Chairs II

Vehicles as Ruins (June 30th 2016)

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Glasses without Faces (August 31st 2016)

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