Never mind the patent oyster. Now I'm looking for the patent pineapple. As tools go, the patent pineapple cutter is not quite as mysterious as the patent oyster opener (a different link from the first one): after all, my daughter worked out what it was in less than a minute. 

Its main theoretical drawback (I haven't yet tried it on an actual pineapple) is that it's going to cut too much off a big pineapple and too little off a small pineapple. In other words, it's "one size doesn't fit very many". I am too fond of fresh pineapple, and too parsimonious, to waste any more pineapple than I have to; and if I have to set about the pineapple with a knife anyway, the very small amount of time that this tool saves may be nugatory. Besides, I usually eat the core' because even though it can be a bit woody, I find it the best-tasting part of the the pineapple. I bought this one at a vide grenier because for 5€ (£4.50, $5.50) it came with more than 2 dozen stainless steel skewers which I wanted to make hooks for the smoker that I am in the process of building. 

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