...and yet the garlic itself is very good indeed, intense in flavour and hot. I've been using it to make pa amb tomaquet (bread with garlic, tomato, etc.). Because it's winter I've been reduced to buying basil. The best I've found is Moroccan; the Kenyan stuff is very good too; the Dutch (growing in pots) is the most expensive and weakest flavoured. It seems insanely expensive to pay 1.50€ for 30 grams (just over an ounce) of basil, but I get two meals out of it, and 75 centimes to transform a meal seems fair to me. I have to wash it (I use weak potassium permanganate solution) but I was astonished to see that if you buy it pre-washed it's 1.90€ for 11 grams, i.e. 172€ a kilo instead of 50€ a kilo.

I'd still rather use olive oil than triffid oil, though.

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