The pleasure of the table belongs to all ages, to all conditions, to all countries, and to all areas; it mingles with all other pleasures, and remains at last to console us for their departure. (Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, 1755-1826)

Of course some people enjoy the pleasures of the table more than others, but with many, cooking becomes a hobby or even a profession. Frances and I love to eat well, and we don't eat out for two reasons. First, we can't afford it: even a modest meal at a restaurant costs as much as half a week's groceries, and a good meal can easily cost as much as two weeks' groceries. Second, there are not many restaurants where the food is as good as we can cook. The only reason to pay more money for inferior food is to have someone else do the washing up. Actually there's a third reason: where we live, we'd either need to take a taxi to and from the restaurant, at least 10 miles/15 km away, or forego wine with the meal.

This part of the site embraces several strands, including shopping, recipes, and kitchen implements. As ever, just click on two or three things in turn to see if you are interested. If not, go elsewhere on the site, or simply give up.



Ham Introduction

Kitchen Utensils

Garlic presses (June 2nd 2016)

Garlic crisps (June 19th 2016)

Bread and Tomatoes (September 7th 2016)

The Patent Oyster: La Lucha Continua (more oyster openers, September 18th 2016)

The Zombie Diet (September 25th 2016)

The Patent Oyster Strikes Again (September 29th 2016)

The Marvellous Muddling Spoon (Cookery & the Kitchen, October 20th 2016)

Muscle Meat (Healthy MREs, Meals Ready to Eat, October 20th 2016)

The Patent Pineapple (and a tool for cutting it, October 21st 2016)

Garlic triffid (February 12th 2017)

Local Produce (May 14th 2017)

Rip Oeuf (non-functioning egg timer, May 25th 2017)

A Poor Man's Champagne Cocktail (July 23rd 2017)

Exercise mats for breakfast (alfalfa sprout omelette, July 15 2018)

Communards, Cardinals and a Canon (Kir cocktail, July 17th 2018)

Chingaritas (Peppers stuffed with cream cheese, August 16th 2018)

Lordship of Arse, Hand Picked (wine, August 18th 2018)

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