About 15% of the books in my study

The only rooms in our house without bookshelves are the downstairs toilet and bathroom. There are several hundred photography books, quite possibly well over a thousand; at least a couple of hundred cookery books; histories; books on economics; texts on religion; encyclopaedias; dictionaries; travel books; bound copies of magazines... The list goes on. Reviews of new books are not hard to find. Reviews of older books are another matter. Trustworthy reviews are even rarer, the more so when the books are drawn from an eclectic and indeed partially random library assembled over almost sixty years.

“Trustworthy” in this context means "reasonably reliable or predictable”. If you read a score of (for example) Amazon reviews, they are likely to have been written by a score of people who range from the erudite to the semi-literate, and whose backgrounds vary enormously. At least if you read my reviews you will be able to build up an idea of my prejudices, education and so forth. If after reading a few of my reviews you decide that you are going to like whatever I dislike, and vice versa, that's fine too. I bought Shashi Tharoor's The Great Indian Novel solely on the strength of a negative review in the Los Angeles Times: the review was so parochial and ill-informed that I was reasonably sure I'd love the book. I was right.

Monsters and Madonnas

Wallace Heaton Blue Book

1066 And all that

Tory Heaven (May 29th 2017)

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