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Some books from our library, including several we wrote ourselves; a Space Outlaw ray-gun; and a wooden lay figure hand. Both the gun and the hand came from vide greniers. For more information about the photographs above, of interest mainly to photographers, click here.

Vide Greniers: Vider is "to empty" and a grenier is an attic, so a vide-grenier is literally an attic emptying. They are somewhat like English car boot sales or American swap meets, but only somewhat. The best are closer to a mediaeval market day-cum-fair. There are thousands across France, usually at week-ends or on public holidays.

Short Stories: Launched June 14th 2016 with The End of the Dream

Translation services: These have little to do with this site, but for English, French or German translations, click on the link. Aditi is very, very good indeed. and can also help with French bureaucracy: invaluable for expatriates.  

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